Clipping Your West Highland Terrier At Home

The uniqueness of their look is what makes the West Highland terrier outstanding. But once you own one, there is this certain hardship when it comes to the grooming department. The most common practice is to take your Westie to the groomer at least once in every 6 weeks. Well, good thing is that you can actually do it yourself! Here are the things that you need in clipping your West Highland Terrier at home.

Here are the things you will need for clipping your Westie: Two speed clippers with the wide blade model, a 7 blade, a 10 blade (most clippers come with a 10 blade so no need to buy another one), curved dog grooming scissors and, lastly, you need to have some knowledge on how to clip your West Highland terrier. The trouble now is where to get it.

There are two ways to know how to clip you West Highland terrier at home. One you can buy some instructional book on how to groom your Westie. You can buy books on the local bookstore or on the Internet (if it is hard to find in your area). But the better way to learn is to purchase instructional video. The instructional books are okay, but it is much better to watch a professional groomer doing his thing so that you can follow.

And these are the things that you need when clipping your West Highland terrier at home. Always remember to use full caution each time you do. And pay attention so that you wont get undesired results.

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