How to Control Boston Terrier Dog Hair Shedding

It is a known fact that most terriers shed, and one of them is the Boston Terrier. Despite the fact that this dog is easy to groom, when the season changes, the fur of Boston Terriers tend to shed usually twice or 3 times a year. Why is it so? Because when the temperature changes due to the season, Terriers naturally go on a coat regrowth. But just because it is a natural occurrence does not mean that you cannot control it from happening. And with that here are some techniques in bathing and brushing that will help at least minimize the shedding of the coat of your dog.

For you to be able to remove excess hair, brush your Boston terrier twice a week all throughout the year. Apart from that, you can also rub him down with a damp towel to control the shedding and also to keep him clean.

During periods of excessive shedding, use a very mild shampoo to bathe your dog with. Because if you wont, the tendency is that he will be having a dry and flaky skin which will become itchy and that would result to scratching more frequently, an additional hair loss cause.

Make a solution out of equal parts of warm tap water and apple cider vinegar. Use this after shampooing, rinsing and towel drying him. Spray the solution and rub it in to saturate the coat. Do not rinse it anymore and let it dry. Avoid getting the solution in his eyes.

These are some techniques and tips on how to control the hair shedding of your Boston terrier dog. The bottom line is that you have to make sure that he is always clean so that you can be assured of his health.

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