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Boston Terrier Dog Breed On Excessive Chewing

Among all the terrier dog breeds out there, the most notorious one when it comes to excessive chewing is the Boston Terrier. And I can safely say that Boston terrier and chewing goes hand in hand. Some Boston terriers like to chew because they like it and other times they do it out of sheer …

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Repelling Unwanted Dogs From Your Yard

It is a common problem that dogs will sometimes visit your yard unexpectedly and when they do they often urinate or poop in it. It is never fun to have to clean up after a foreign dog leaves a mess in your yard, but there are a few ways to repel them from coming back …

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Terriers, TV Show

So just in case you might have heard of the TV show named Terriers, does it have to do with terrier dog breeds? Is it a show about all the brave and playful English dogs and how they should be taken care of that terrier dog breed owners would enjoy watching? Apparently not. This article …

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Terriers Make Great Companions

Terriers are great dogs. There are many reasons to like them. To start off, they are all small dogs for the most part. There are some obvious exceptions such as Pit Bull Terriers, but many of them are pretty small amongst the terrier dog breeds. This means that they make decent indoor dogs. Some small …

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Homeless Man Gets His Dog Back

Sometimes a story comes along that truly warms your heart and this is one of them. When someone is cruel enough to steal a dog from a homeless man it is very sad indeed. This is especially true when this dog was the mans only possession he owned outside of his own clothes. With a …

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Warmer Weather Coming

I am glad that Winter is coming to an end. Which means of course that we will need to get the dog groomed. If you have a long haired dog then it is a very good idea to get their hair trimmed short when it warms up. Not to mention that they will be playing …

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From Puppy to Mature Dog

Everyone loves a new puppy. Puppies however are more prone to getting into trouble and making mistakes because they are learning to live in your environment. They are also living by your set of rules. If you train your puppy right and give them a lot of love and correction they should grow up to …

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