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Foods To Consider For Your Yorkshire Terrier

As I have written on my previous post, it is much better to give your Yorkshire terrier a home cooked meal rather than having him some food straight out of a can. That is why I am going to give you some foods to consider for you Yorkshire terrier. And if you are going to …

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What Are The Common Yorkshire Terrier Medical Problems: Skin

Yorkshire terriers are known to be good and, not to mention, cute companions to be with. This is one of the most popular terrier dog breeds out there. And yes, it would be great if you are planning of owning one right now. But there are some things that you should take time to consider …

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Facts About Teacup Yorkshire Terriers

I may have talked about Yorkshire terrier before and this time I am going to talk about the Teacup Yorkshire Terrier. No, it is not a separate terrier dog breed according to popular belief, but it is just a name that is called to those Yorkies that are way smaller than the average size (they …

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