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Why Select An American Staffordshire Terrier

When you have not known yet what this terrier dog breed is about, the American Staffordshire terrier is a descendant from the bulldog and terrier and was raised and bred since the early 19th century. This cousin of the American Bull terrier is very brave but it is also very gentle with people. If you …

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Why Is It Hard To Train A Terrier

Courage, determination, and a great thirst for adventure are just some of the most common qualities of the terrier dog breed which appeals to the people. However, it is also the same characteristics that some dog owners and trainers do not like because these do not really help in training them. Terriers, unlike other dog …

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Training Your Bedlington Terrier: Why There Is A Need?

This question goes out to all people out there who owns this particular terrier dog breed: how is your Bedlington terrier doing? Is he really behaved and well adjusted to people, strangers and non-strangers alike? Does he always listen to your heed? Is he non-destructive and non-aggressive? If you are wondering why these questions are …

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