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Clipping Your West Highland Terrier At Home

The uniqueness of their look is what makes the West Highland terrier outstanding. But once you own one, there is this certain hardship when it comes to the grooming department. The most common practice is to take your Westie to the groomer at least once in every 6 weeks. Well, good thing is that you …

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What Are The Hairstyles For Westie Terriers

Westies, or formally known and recognized as the West Highland White Terriers, are famous for their coats. So how does their coat looks like? It is as white as snow and it is as crisp as a white paper. And due to this fact, it is really important that you should be able to maintain …

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Grooming Tips for West Highland Terrier

Fun-loving, sociable, and spunky: these words are the best words that you can use to describe a West Highland terrier. This particular terrier dog breed really loves it when they are around people and they are very much family oritented. That is why you should know how to groom a West Highland terrier – or …

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