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Behavior Of A Dachshund Terrier Mix

If you happen to see a dog that looks like a Dachshund yet not quite, then I guess I already have the answer that you are looking for. They are called Dachshund terrier mix. This terrier dog breed mix is a product between a Dachshund dog and a rat terrier at most times. To know …

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Problems and Issues With Deaf Dogs

To most of us, if not all, will just be awed and downhearted when we are going to hear news like the dog that you are petting right now can’t hear at all. Although it may sound unfair, but it is a fact that some dogs are born without the sense of hearing. So what …

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Information About the Terrier Mix Dogs

Here are 2 of the different terrier mix dogs. As we all know that there are lots of terrier dog breeds out there, and it is not impossible for these breeds to not mix DNAs. Terrier mix dogs, may not look as equally similar to the pure terrier dog breeds but it does not mean …

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What to do When Your Dogs Smell Bad

One of the biggest issues that we face when we have dogs is when your dogs smell bad after they roll somewhere. Dogs are adventurous in nature. They tend to just run off and sprint back and forth to have their own slice of adrenaline rush. Oftentimes they tend to go in peculiar places like …

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How to Take Care of Your Yorkshire Terrier

Cute as they may be, you need to know how to take care of your Yorkshire Terrier. They can be ultra adorable, but they have these certain characteristics, behaviors and needs that you need to know before getting one. For one, terriers are terribly noisy dogs. So you must consider first to yourself if you …

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Summer Fun With Your Dog

Taking your dog out when the weather is nice can be a great time if you plan properly. Dogs love to get outdoors as much as we do so to make the most of your day it is good to follow a few tips: 1. Make sure to bring enough water for the both of …

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Warmer Weather Coming

I am glad that Winter is coming to an end. Which means of course that we will need to get the dog groomed. If you have a long haired dog then it is a very good idea to get their hair trimmed short when it warms up. Not to mention that they will be playing …

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