Tunnel Training Your Terrier: What To Do First

Tunnel training is one of the things that you can train your terrier. This activity can enhance your dog’s mental and physical fitness and it also can be fun. Before you can start training with your dog, here are the things you have to do first before tunnel training your terrier.

As we may all know, all dogs, even terrier dog breeds, mature at different ages so one thing that you should consider is the time they will mature. For example, a Jack Russell terrier matures at 9 months of age or even younger while a Border terrier can be trained only when he comes to more mature his age, which is a year old or even older than that. I know it is a really long wait but fortunately you can do something about those months that you are not able to train your terrier.

While waiting for your dog to be age-ready to train you can train him some basic commands like sit, down, heel, stay, and come among others. These commands have nothing to do with tunnel training but it sure helps you maintaining control of your dog as you try to train him on the tunnels.

When your dog already knows some basic commands then you can start his mini tunnel training. You can start with a short wooden tunnel which has a length of 6 feet which is perfect to be placed inside the basement or garage. Start training your dog using this small tunnel.

And these are the things that you should have first when tunnel training your terrier.

Additional Housebreaking and Paper Training Tips For Your Tibetan Terrier

It is necessary for Tibetan terriers to be under some housebreaking or paper training processes so that living with this particular terrier dog breed will be a whole lot better. In the previous entry, I talked about the ways on how to housebreak or paper train Tibetan terriers. Now here are some additional housebreaking and paper training tips that you might want to consider as well.

When it comes to training, you should never use those outdated techniques of punishing your Tibetan Terrier because these punishment training techniques do not work to this terrier dog breed.

The trick with any correction for Tibetans is to make it clear immediately when they are doing something wrong with a sharp NO! and then praise immediately after they stop. Don’t ever use outdated punishment training techniques on Tibetan Terriers they DON’T WORK.

If they do pee on the carpets or places where they are not supposed to use a special purpose pet cleaner to rid the area of the smell to help ensure this won’t happen again. If you basically follow these directions you will not have any problem training your puppy in a very short period of time. The proper training at the beginning will make the future good behavior well worth the effort.

Remember don’t allow this to get out of hand. Watch for signs as they grow older that they want to go outside (they all have their own way of telling you) and let them out immediately. It will do you no good to scold after the fact…the dog doesn’t realize what he is getting in trouble for. Tibetan Terriers goal in life is to please you. So if you are consistent in your corrections and praise they will soon catch on to what is and is not acceptable behavior.

Tips On Housebreaking And Paper Training Your Tibetan Terrier

Contrary to what most people might think, housebreaking a dog outside or using a newspaper inside is pretty much easy. But the only thing is that you need to be very consistent and ensure that the dog gets your lessons well. When it comes to Tibetan terrier, they are really smart and that they wont forget their lessons once they learned them. But because they are a little too smart, then here are some tips on housebreaking and paper training your Tibetan terrier.

You should take your Tibetan terrier outside after he wakes up or when he finishes his first meal or drink of the day. Aside from that, you should set your dog outside every three to four hours as puppies have really less control over their bladders. When it comes to paper training, see how simple it is. You need to confine the dog to an area with newspapers in all locations. After a few days remove some papers until only one small area with newspaper exists. And with that, you make sure that your Tibetan terrier takes his pee or poopoo on that newspaper. Once he has relieved, you must remove the newspaper immediately and replace it with a new one. Remember in both housebreaking and paper training your Tibetan terrier, always give him praise for his good doing – never forget that.

And these are the tips on housebreaking and paper training your Tibetan terrier. Hope you find this article really helpful and effective in training your terrier dog breed. Good luck!

History Of The Japanese Terrier

Before I am going to tackle on the history of the Japanese terrier, I am going to talk about their appearance first. Commonly, the Japanese terrier is a square dog with balanced features. Most of them have heads which has a black color and predominantly white body that has little spots on it. It weighs between 5 to 9 pounds and it measures in between 8 to 13 inches. When it comes to their temperament, they are known to have a lively and cheerful character. And now you know a bit more of the said terrier dog breed, here is a little take on the history of the Japanese terrier.

According to the history of this terrier dog breed, it is highly believed that the Japanese terrier’s ancestors were shipped by Dutch merchant ships in the only Japanese port back in the day that was open to the West back in the 17th century. It is unclear, though, in the history of this terrier dog breed upon which of these dog breeds are their ancestors. But it is also highly believed that this dog has some connections with the Dutch Boerenfox. Whatever has happened to the Japanese terriers, they developed to become pets as this terrier dog breed are really popular lap dogs in Japanese cities such as Kobe, Yokohama, and Nagasaki.

Until now, the Japanese terrier is still somewhat popular to Japan and in some parts of the world. I mean, you wouldn’t really hesitate of getting one. They are cute and adorable terrier dog breed!

How To Take Care Of Your Jack Russell Terrier

Just like any other terrier dog breed, you should take care of your Jack Russell terrier. And with that, here are the ways on how to take care of your Jack Russell terrier. These tips, however, can also be applied to other dogs if you do not have a Jack Russell terrier, so you are free to read on.

Training – One of the most basic things that you can do in order to take care of your Jack Russell terrier is to give him some basic trainings. It is very important that you are going to train him with the basics such as the ‘sit’, ‘down’, and ‘heel’. Not only they will learn, they will be happier about it.

Give your dog some exercise. It is much preferable if you are going to give him some exercise routines at least twice a day. As this is one smart terrier dog breed that has a lot of energy, you may need to have some time spending his energy, and that is by taking him down for a walk on the park, give him some time to socialize and run around, play fetch, and/or make his muscles grow.

When your dog is still young, do not ever pick your Jack Russell terrier up especially when there are dogs around. And why is this so? When you make this as a habit, he will become a nervous dog when he grows up. And when he becomes a really nervous dog, he will to become really aggressive with other dogs. And mind you, this terrier dog breed is really string and sturdy so they can take down any dogs including those dogs that are way bigger than them.

And these are the ways on how to take care of your Jack Russell terrier.

Some More Info On The Coat Of A Yorkshire Terrier

If you have a Yorkshire terrier, you are probably told by your vet or breeder that you must pay importance on his coat. To further give you knowledge on this particular terrier dog breed, here are some info on the coat of a Yorkshire terrier.

There are three things that are important when it comes to the taking care of the coat of a Yorkshire terrier, and these are the quality, quantity and texture of the coat. The coat on the body should never be wavy, and that it should be long enough and amazingly straight. If you want to and, more importantly, if you want to make him feel easy as he moves while appearing neat, you should trim his coat up to the length of the floor. The hair on the muzzle should be really long and the coat on the ear should be cut short on the tips, that is if you want it to have a neater appearance. As far as the head is concerned, it should have a long fall on the head, designed with a ribbon in the center of the head.

This terrier dog breed is most of the time born naturally black and tan and they regularly appear darker in color. The body should appears to have a black hue while on the legs and on the head, it usually appears in a rich tan color.

And these are the info on the coat of a Yorkshire terrier that you should know.

Breeding Jack Rusell Terrier: A Risky Business

What made this article different from breeding other kinds of terrier dog breeds or other types of dog breeds to be in fact is that this article is focused on Jack Russell terriers. As we may all know, the Jack Russell terrier is a very popular terrier dog breed that many will consider it as a very hot type of dog breed nowadays. And because it is indeed a very popular dog breed, many dog owners have thought of breeding for some cash cow. But what does this thought constitute then? Here are the reasons why breeding Jack Russell terriers is a risky business.

Breeding is a risky business in general. Whether you are doing it for your passion, your love for the dogs, or simply for money, you must always remember that you are going to knack in some responsibilities to your brain. It may be a great idea today to breed Jack Russell terriers today but who knows tomorrow, you may end up trying to sell the poor puppies to the point of selling it to the wrong kind of people.

So if you are really thinking of breeding Jack Russell terriers and you are sure in your heart without any shadows of doubt, then you must talk to a few respectable and legitimate breeders who have more experience than you thought. When you are going to talk with them, make sure that you are going to ask their success and many downfalls when it comes to breeding. Also remember that the risk is very possible to happen, so expect it or make preventive measures.

How To Teach Your Boston Terrier To Ring A Bell

If you have a Boston terrier as a pet, you might want to train him with some tricks. Here are the ways on how to teach your Boston terrier to ring a bell. This is a fun command which is also helpful in a way and can make your dog popular.

First thing to do is to hang your bell on the door or near the door where your dog uses to go outside and potty. This bell needs to be accessible to your dog so that he can use it with ease. In this particular command, I recommend that you should use the word “outside”, or any word that can signify him to “go outside”. Then, using your left hand as your target hand, hold a piece of treat on your right hand. Let your target quietly touch the bell once his nose touches your hand. And then give him the treat as you say the command. In time, your dog will be used to touching your hand and ringing the bell. And in time, as soon as he touches your hand he will then ring the bell himself. When he does this, you should give him a treat after saying the command.

After several practices move on to the next step, which is to make him go outside the door. Repeat the practice once more and once he touches the bell, give him the command word, open the door and let him go outside (remember to go outside first) and give him the treat. Do this during potty time. When he gets used to this, he will just ring the bell whenever he wants to go outside and do the potty.

And that is how to teach your Boston terrier to ring a bell.

What Are The Considerations When Grooming A Jack Russell Terrier

Among some terrier dog breeds, the Jack Russell terrier is sort of a low maintenance one. But when you are planning to put your Jack Russell on a show, you must take considerations in grooming him the right way. Here are some articles that I provided when it comes to grooming Jack Russell terriers. And if you are going to ask what are the considerations when grooming a Jack Russell terrier, read further.

When preparing your dog for showing, one of the considerations is to give it some ample amount of time. Prep-planning is also recommended to do. And with that I mean that you should give your dog amount time to regrow his coat before he is to be shown. It may take your dog at least 3 months to get his good thick coat back again though it really depends on how much coat has been gotten rid of.

Another consideration to take is that when plucking a rough coated terrier, the result should be a rough coated terrier and not a broken coated one. Same thing when your dog is a smooth coated one he should not be plucked as if he is a rough coated one. Terriers should be exhibited in the coat which they were naturally given by their genes. If you are a bit of confused just know what the coat type of your dog (if it is not a Jack Russell terrier as this terrier dog breed has a rough kind of coat)

And these are considerations when grooming a Jack Russell terrier.

List Of Small Terrier Dog Breeds

Terrier dog breeds come in different shapes, sizes, and characteristics. If you are fancying a small one, here is a list of small terrier dog breeds that you might want to consider.

Norfolk Terrier – The demon is a nickname given to this small terrier dog breed. But even though they have a nickname like that, they do not really live up to it. And why do I say so? Because they are very obedient and you can train them easily, unlike some terrier dog breeds out there. When it comes to their facial and physical features, the Norfolk terrier has this expressive eyes, rounded face, and dropped pointed ears that go down to their cheeks. They are also sometimes mistaken for the Norwich terrier due to the fact they do look alike with each other. Bottom line, this dog is one happy and fearless dog but can be a bit reserved for people they do not know.

Silky Terrier – While the Norfolk terrier is known as the demon, the Silky terrier is also known by the nickname Sydney Silky. The Australian Silky terrier is somehow a very sturdy toy terrier dog. Their body is long and low and they have a long tail that can be docked. It can go weigh from 8 pounds up to 11 pounds on an average.

Cairn Terrier – Last but not the least of this list of small terrier dog breeds is the Cairn terrier. Do you remember the Wizard of Oz? Dorothy has a dog named Toto – and Toto is a Cairn terrier. When it comes to their temperament, this little dog is tough but can get along well wit people. In fact, they are very very sociable at times.

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