My First Dog

When I was little I remember my dad coming home with a beautiful Alaskan Husky. We decided to name him Buddy. I can still remember his piercing blue eyes to this day. Unfortunately we had to wind up getting rid of him because he snuck into our neighbors yard and killed a couple of chickens. I don’t think that we had enough yard space for him to efficiently run around in anyways though.

I think that for many children getting that first pet creates a lasting memory. I can remember playing fetch with him and throwing that bright green tennis ball back and forth. I can also remember the large holes he dug in the yard and how upset my dad got about it. After we got rid of him my sadness didn’t last for too long because we got a beautiful German Shepherd that we named Buck Wheat. She was a lot of fun too. Nothing can still take away that first experience of having my first dog though.

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