Consider A Cocker Spaniel

Though this site talks about Terriers in particular most of the time, we like to mention other breeds once in a while. Cocker Spaniels are great dogs. They love children, they have a lively personality, and are intelligent. The usual colorings are solid black or red. You can also have combinations like black and tan, black and white, orange-white, black-white with tan, orange-brown, blue-ticked, and blue and tan. Height is usually around 15-16 inches. They have a dense under coat that needs constant brushing, or frequent hair cuts to avoid matting.

For their size, you will need a small to medium sized bed like this new orleans chaise, (if you are looking at fancy dog beds) or a nice pillow bed. If you want to show off your Spaniel with some bling, a collar like this pink panther collar is the ticket. You also need to get some decent toys a couple of dog bowls and you should be good to go. Your Cocker Spaniel should give you many years of fun and companionship.

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