How To Avoid Bad Behavior When Training A Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell terriers may be a fun and loving terrier dog breed but it can be a trouble to some, especially if these specific Jack Russells are very much fond of doing nuisance activities such as chasing small animals, snapping, and digging among others. These traits and behaviors are most often than not considered to make their owners lives miserable. So if you are planning to own a Jack Russell terrier, you should also plan to avoid bad behaviors by training a Jack Russell terrier. Here are some facts.

Now I have stated before that these dogs are really fond of digging. So one thing that you should avoid is to never leave a Jack Russell terrier in your backyard unless you want to see a family of holes on it. But this does not mean that you should deprive him of not letting him do one of his favorite activities. You can just simply give him a small area where he can actually dig. Stick to this area because after a week or two he will be accustomed to the area and then he will just come back there if he wants to play and dig.

Another Jack Russell terrier’s bad behavior to avoid is snapping. Snap means sudden attack or fright. Some times dogs snap because they are threatened bu Jack Russells snap because either they are threatened or that they are excited. Never let a child play with you Jack Russell without adult supervision for he can bite the child out of too much excitement. You can also prevent this from happening when you give him some time to socialize. And one way to have your dog socialize is to train him with other dogs.

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