Cairn Terrier Puppies And Their Behaviors

When terrier dog breed enthusiasts will talk about Cairn terrier puppies, there are only 3 words that these can describe about them: and it would be free-spirited, active, and loyal. Cairn terriers are known to be the last terrier dog breed to be considered to the dog group. Aside from that it has gained popularity as Dorothy’s dog Toto from The Wizard of Oz is actually a Cairn terrier. If you remember how Toto looks like, then you would then know by now that they are cute and adorable. They do good as house pets but they can be a bit stubborn as they grow up. And with that, they need to be trained first so that they will grow up to be nice dogs. So here are the usual behaviors that Cairn terriers have.

Apart from those characteristics mentioned from the previous paragraph, cairn terrier puppies are curious so they love to be always on the go and lookout for things that they have not discovered yet. They are also very sociable dogs that is why they are chosen by many pet lovers around. They can also be good with children as well as they can play with them for they are like kids themselves for being active, playful, and affectionate is already in their blood. They can be quite stubborn and sensitive that they know they are at fault (please do not forget to give only gentle punishment. When you are planning to own one, you have to be very sure that you do not leave them alone without a leash, for they have this instinct of chasing and digging up holes.

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