Facts About Affenpinscher – A Different Kind Of Terrier Dog Breed

One of the most lovable toy breeds out there is the Affenpinscher. It is an extraordinary kind of a terrier dog breed. Yes, it may not be a terrier (or a dog that just has the adoptive name of a terrier) but the characteristics and temperament are just as the same as another terrier. Here are some facts about the Affenpinscher.

Affenpinscher has big eyes and a very distinct facial hair – especially their mustache. Typically, most people would often describe their looks as somewhere like an elf with a short nose and a round face. Apart from their face, they also have a very tiny body similar to a monkey – that is why they are also called sometimes as “Monkey Dog”. Actually, Affenpinscher when you translate it roughly means “monkey like terrier” in German.

It is believed that Affenpinscher are originally from Germany, where you could find larger breeds of similar nature as early as the 1600s. Just like any other terrier dog breeds, the Affenpinscher are trained to hunt down vermin. Later on, the smaller breeds were developed in order for them to be suitable to be a house dog but still has to hunt down rats and other vermin inside the house as vermin and other rodents were a big of a problem back in the day. The ancestors of this terrier dog breed is believed to be the Griffon Bruxellois and the Miniature Schnauzer.

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