What Are The Various Hairstyles For Westie Terriers

Westies, or formally known and recognized as the West Highland White Terriers, are famous for their coats. So how does their coat looks like? It is as white as snow and it is as crisp as a white paper. And due to this fact, it is really important that you should be able to maintain the grooming. And when you are grooming, there are different hairstyles to choose from. And with that, here are the different hairstyles for Westie terriers.

Hand Stripping – this is one hairstyle for Westie terriers that needs to be done and only done by a professional groomer or a West Highland White terrier breeders. Groomers use comb and this tool called knife. Don’t worry, this is not the thing that you are thinking about. A knife, though shapes like a knife (the tool might have gotten its name here) has this tiny teeth and a rounded end. Together with the comb, this tool is used to take the dead hair out of the body. This way, the skin could develop a new, coarser hair to grow back in.

Traditional Grooming – A traditional way of grooming Westie terriers is to have the back shaved and blend it with the air on both sides of the body. For this you do not need to go to a groomer as you only need to practice on this. All you need to do is to follow the breastbone as a guideline for how far to come down. Think of an imaginary line around the dog, and with clippers follow this imaginary guideline to give the blended effect.

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