List Of Small Hypoallergenic Terrier Dog Breeds

If you are the type of person who is allergic to dust and animal coats among other things, most of the time you do not have the chance to get to own a dog. Having an allergy is a really bummer because you are limited to things that you do and can enjoy. If you enjoy dogs but simply can’t get near them because of allergies, there are terrier dog breeds out there that are considered hypoallergenic. Here are some examples of small hypoallergenic terrier dog breeds.

Norfolk Terrier – known for their very expressive eyes and ears that are dropped forward, the Norfolk terrier is a really friendly but really resilient dog that is full of energy. This is a hypoallergenic terrier because of its non shedding properties. The thing though is that you need to brush and bathe at least once a week.

Welsh Terrier – This small dog with really square frame has a wiry coat so if you admire dogs with wiry coats then this is the right terrier for you. Apart from that it is a really sociable dog that always loves to have fun and wants to be with the company of his owner all the time.

Yorkshire Terrier – Now this one small hypoallergenic terrier dog breed should be the one breed that you choose if you want a ruggedly cute looking dog. It is a toy dog breed with a sturdy body and long coat. It is very active and intelligent. And the best thing? It does not shed that much!

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