Pitbull Terrier Boxer Mix Dogs: Facts

There is certainly a hybrid breed called Pit bull terrier boxer mix dog, or simply known as pit bull boxer mix. It may be a good dog for you to adopt but before doing so, you must know the different factors and other possible problems that you may encounter so that it will help you in deciding whether get it or not. Factors that you should know include the needs, the size, and the kind of temperament among others. Here are some facts about the pit bull terrier boxer mix.

Pit bull boxers are produced by mixing 2 different mastiff-type dogs. And because it is a mastiff-type, their very distinct wrinkly muzzle is present. Apart from that, this breed is also has a very strong and sturdy built. When it comes to the size, it can grow between 20 to 27 inches tall and their weight can go up to 75 lbs. It is very much low maintenance so you can easily groom their short and glossy fur coat.

When it comes to their temperament they are pretty much easy when it comes to their owners and family members. However they will also need some physical exercise in order to function better. In fact, exercise should be a regular routine. You can either consult your veterinarian about their usual temperament or you can try and surf the web and look for the certain characteristics listed for this type of breed.

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