What Are The Ways On How To Groom A Silky Terrier

Silky terriers are name such because of their finest appearance: silky coat. And apart from that they are also known for their other attributes that make them cute such as doe eyes and their warm affection towards their owners as if they do have big hears on them. They are also extremely intelligent as well as curios and alert with just about everything. Their coat makes them a winner though, which is in general 5 to 6 inches in length. And that is why when you are planning to own one, you should remember the ways on how to groom a silky terrier. It may be a bit tedious but when you get the hang of it, you will easily get the drift on how to groom this terrier dog breed.

Generally, you need to do full grooming between 4 to 6 weeks every time and general grooming should be done at the very least twice a week.

When grooming, I suggest that you should use a slicker brush, metal combs, or pin brushed when you are to groom his long and really silky single coat. Never ever make the coat reach the floor although it does require to make the coat grow long. When it touches the floor it will collect dirt and other matters which can also lead to development of bacteria that can be hazardous to his health.

Yes, silky terriers have only a single coat but their coats can mat easily because these can get tangles with one another. Thorough brushing must be done.

Remember that you should not dry the skin but regular bathing is required. In addition, you must not scrub too much if you want to keep the silkiness of the coat intact. The proper way of shampooing is to just let the shampoo soak in with minimal scrubbing so that it will naturally take the dirt and grime off and rinse it off for a perfect finish.

And these are the ways on how to groom a silky terrier. Remember that this terrier dog breed is very beautiful so you must maintain its beauty the proper way.

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