Why Is It Hard To Train A Terrier

Courage, determination, and a great thirst for adventure are just some of the most common qualities of the terrier dog breed which appeals to the people. However, it is also the same characteristics that some dog owners and trainers do not like because these do not really help in training them. Terriers, unlike other dog breeds out there, were raised and bred to work on their own and without the supervision of their masters. Just for example, the retrievers, they do know how to retrieve but they still do listen to their masters as to when to act on it. Terriers do not listen to their masters all the time and they will do it on their whenever they please it. That’s just one of the reasons why it is hard to train a terrier.

Apart from the reason stated above, another reason why it is hard to train a terrier is because of their exceptional courage and persistence. No, not even their own masters, can stop them from doing what they want to do. According to a certain terrier dog breed expert, making a terrier do something that they do not want to is something that is next to impossible. And, because they also have exceptional hunting instincts, they will always key in on something and forget about everything else that is surrounding them – including their masters.

So what should one do? The best way to train a terrier is to make them undergo a program that is fun, faster than the regular, and programmed to use the natural trait of the dog (wit and curiosity) to good use. And with that you do not have to ask yourself again why is it hard to train a terrier.

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