Grooming Your Sealyham Terrier

Sealyham terriers are a great terrier dog breed to keep – just like any other terriers. The best thing about Sealyham terriers is that you are only required to groom it every 6-8 weeks; not really bad eh? So if you have one already or if you are planning to have one, here are ways on how to groom your Sealyham terriers.

Because this terrier dog breed has a long coat with rough texture, you need to have metal combs, slicker brush, and pin brushes so that you can easily comb out the layers. Sealyhams do not shed as much as some terriers do so you just only need to brush it to make his coat shinier and more healthy looking. The part which needs focus on grooming is the the beard so you need to comb and clean it every single day so that he you would be able to keep his hygiene intact.

In addition, you need to check regularly on his eyes and ears. The corner of their eyes can attract debris which can cause bacteria buildup so you need to remove it carefully. When it comes to their ears, you need to check it if it is pink in color and if it looks healthy. When it appears to be that way then you do not really have to pay attention to it. But if it is not then you need to consult your vet. Never allow yourself to clean it by yourself; the ears are sensitive especially to dogs so let the vet show you the way on how to clean you dog’s ears. Check his ears at least once a week to know its status.

More grooming your Sealyham terrier tips on the next post!

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