Car Motion Sickness For Terriers

Traveling may be one of the most sought after activities during the holidays but it does become a mess when your terrier has car motion sickness as well. A terrible, literal mess. It is not new anymore that dogs can also suffer from car sickness when traveling. When your terrier (or dogs in general) is still a puppy, car motion sickness happens initially because they are being taken away from their mother and that’s how they react to the situation. When your dog is already adult, it is already another story. And with that here are some tips on how to refrain car motion sickness for terrier. It can also be applied to other dogs as well.

Make sure your dog is acquainted with your car well. Introduce your vehicle to your dog when it is not moving. To help you out getting your dog to your car more, you should feed your dog inside your car for a few times and let him jump in and eat it inside.

When it is time for taking the journey, do not feed your dogs prior to the trip as it will make him sick most probably.

When moving, provide fresh air. But as much as possible, never let your dog stick his head out of the window, for safety reasons. It may look good on shows, it is just as dangerous. Plus, it can also damage his eyes.

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