What Are The Common Yorkshire Terrier Medical Problems: Skin

Yorkshire terriers are known to be good and, not to mention, cute companions to be with. This is one of the most popular terrier dog breeds out there. And yes, it would be great if you are planning of owning one right now. But there are some things that you should take time to consider first before having this terrier dog breed back at your home. And one of those things that you should consider is his health. Common Yorkshire terrier medical problems exist and they tend to present every now and then. On this article, I am going to talk about they’re common Yorkshire terrier medical problems on their skin.

For those who have no idea yet as to how a Yorkshire looks like coat-wise, they have really long coats. Given that fact,they are more prone to skin disorders than those dogs or other terrier with short coats. Skin problems like skin allergies, dry skin and itching lesions, and rashes are among the common Yorkshire terrier medical problems on skin. One of the existing factors is that because of their long coat, they can attract parasites more and parasites like fleas and ticks can bring problems to their skin.

And with that you must be full prepared in preventing these diseases and disorders so that you and your dog will not have any further problems in the future. Full and proper grooming is a must and you must clean his coat most of the time so that no parasites or bacteria will grow on his skin so that these skin Yorkshire terrier medical problems will not flourish.

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