Facts About The English White Terrier

This article is somewhat sad. Because this will tackle on a terrier dog breed that is now extinct. Yes, there are many types of terrier dog breed in the world but few of them are already gone. And one of these extinct breeds is the English White terrier. Here are some facts about the English White terrier.

It is said that the English White terrier is a pricked-ear version of the white fox-working terriers that have been around since the 18th century in United Kingdom. This said terrier is a failed show ring name. The name was invented as it is and there were a couple of breeders who accepted such breed although they were really anxious about keeping one for the reason that they do not want to create a new breed from a prick eared version of the small white working terriers. In the end, however, there are a couple of terrier dog breeds that are developed after the prick-eared, and these are the Jack Russell terrier, the Sealyham terrier, the Fox terrier, and the Rat terrier which was developed in America later on.

Another reason why it had become instinct is because of the dog’s problems with the genetics, an issue that made them quite unpopular. The English White terrier has stayed on the scene in for less than 30 years and since then this terrier had become instinct. Good thing though that this terrier crossbreed with the English Bulldog – which has now become the Boston terrier and the Bull terrier.

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