Terriers, TV Show

So just in case you might have heard of the TV show named Terriers, does it have to do with terrier dog breeds? Is it a show about all the brave and playful English dogs and how they should be taken care of that terrier dog breed owners would enjoy watching? Apparently not. This article is all about the TV show. Just because I find it really interesting. Here are some facts about the TV show Terriers.

The story goes about a sober former cop names Hank Dolworth – played by Donal Logue – who has an unlicensed private investigation business together with his best friend Britt Pollack – played by Michael Raymond-James. The story takes place in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California. Dolworth has been a member of the fictional “Ocean Beach Police Department” even though Ocean Beach is being portrayed as a distinct town.

My review for this TV show goes. It is pretty much interesting of a TV show. Even though the actor playing as the protagonist is kind of not known to many even though he has been around for quite a while now, he has played the part well I guess because of his weathered down persona as an actor he pulled it well quite naturally.

And I guess the production has named the TV show Terriers because of the action involved? I don’t know it’s just my guess I have not dove in to the topic that much yet.

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