What Are The Common Personalities Of A Rat Terrier

What comes to your mind when you hear the name of the type of this particular dog breed? If you are most people, their reaction would be asking why are their named after a rodent or do they have similar attributes to a rat. Although they are not named after a rodent, do they have some similarities between the rat and the rat terrier dog breed? What is the common personality of a rat terrier?

Before I begin, let me have some history check on how this terrier dog breed got its name. The rat terrier got its name from where it started its first occupation: in a rat pit gambling. The Rat terrier, they believed, is a cross between several terriers: the English White Terrier, Manchester Terrier, Smooth Fox Terrier, and a dog breed that is called a whippet.

So what are the common personalities of a rat terrier? For one they are really agile and built for speed. They are very much fearless that they are also considered a lot of people who are into hunting. They can hunt down virtually almost anything, from vermin to squirrels and other small game. They are also known to be very detail-oriented. They are very keen even with small changes and they can detect easily if their master’s mood has changed even for a little bit.

I hope I answered your question on what are the common personalities of a rat terrier.

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