Boston Terrier Dog Breed On Excessive Chewing

Among all the terrier dog breeds out there, the most notorious one when it comes to excessive chewing is the Boston Terrier. And I can safely say that Boston terrier and chewing goes hand in hand. Some Boston terriers like to chew because they like it and other times they do it out of sheer boredom. Here are some info about Boston terrier dog breed on excessive chewing.

By now it may be obvious for you because destructive chewing – or any kinds of dog chewing to be exact – is destructive. But the thing is that Boston terriers are gifted with really durable jaws coupled with pointed and ultimately sharp teeth. So why does Boston terriers do such thing? Here are three reasons.

The first reason is that it is just innate for Boston terriers to chew on something. Boston terriers actually find it as a sort of activity that is really fun to do. And after chewing they will feel really rewarded for doing so.

Another reason why Boston terriers chew it is because they are lonely. When you, his master, is away or is busy at the moment he must find some things to do and because they find it fun, they tend to side on chewing.

The third reason is that Boston terriers are pent up with energy. And when they do not have their regular exercises they need to take that energy out of their system. That is why they resort to, you guessed it, chewing.

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