Tips on Feeding Your Jack Russell Terrier

One of the most picky terrier dog breeds when it comes to food is the Jack Russell terriers. They tend to be really finicky especially to ready-made dog foods and brands. Although not all Jack Russells will not eat it, but there are times when they will just sniff it for a moment and then turn their backs on it. Other times they enjoy eating a particular dog food until boredom strikes within 1 or 2 weeks. That is why when it comes to feeding, variety is the way to go for this terrier dog breed. And here are some tips on feeding your Jack Russell terrier.

You may have not noticed it but there are some dog foods that are specifically made for Jack Russell terriers. These dog foods have some mixes of special ingredients formed for this terrier’s nutritional needs. The down side of it is that it is a rarity plus these special dog foods are not inexpensive compared to others.

As you may or may knot know, Jack Russell terriers are really active no matter how young or old they are. So feed them foods that are according to their age and activity level. Give him a complete wet or dry mix or mix the two varieties together. And please do not give you Jack Russell terrier a cow’s milk if he is still a puppy or dilute it with water.

Do not feed him ready-made dog food products that contain soy, wheat, corn, vegetable oils and products. In addition, check the sugar content. If you will feed your JRT with food that contains these things he might experience some skin allergies and similar problems.

If you have a Jack Russell, always remember these tips on feeding your Jack Russell terrier.

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