How Can You Tell If Your Terrier Dog Breed Has Hip Dysplasia?

If you have a terrier in your home right now, you need to know the ways on how to tell if your terrier dog breed has hip dysplasia. For those who do not know what the heck I am talking about, it is the abnormal growth of the hip (pelvic) bone and of the leg bone, causing it to have friction in a way that it eventually becomes arthritis. And why is it important? because this is one of the most common conditions that terriers experience. So now you may ask like how can you tell if your terrier dog breed has dysplasia. Fortunately you have come to the right place as I have the answers. And below are the ways on how you do can say.

There are times when you can not actually tell that your terrier dog breed has hip dysplasia while he is still young because the symptoms will only manifests when he becomes old. But that only is the case when they mild hip dysplasia. If it is severe, then he will be going to suffer from all the conditions even if they are still a puppy.

First sign is that your dog will have strange ways of doing his regular things. When your terrier has a hip dysplasia, you will find him doing the “bunny hop”- or the way he uses both of his back legs to hop when they run. He will also try to keep his hind legs close together. In addition he will also have difficulty to do other things such as climbing up the stairs, sitting down, and squatting down to eliminate his bodily wastes.

Now that you can tell if your terrier dog breed has hip dysplasia, you must act immediately. Take him to the vet the moment you see signs of hip dysplasia so that he can correct it asap. Or just have a check up: it is better the prevent than to cure.


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  1. Bradly Wolkis says:

    After he wakes up and moves around a little it seems like he has some relief. Is this typical? Sound right?

    1. thedogguy says:

      Yeah, if there is any dysplasia, often when your dog gets up from a nap, they will be a bit stiff for a moment. Otherwise, the same thing can happen after a sprain. Adding some supplements like glucosamine are helpful to combat the effects of hip dysplasia. Also, keep their diet rich in meat and low to nill in grains.

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