Tips on Diet and Feeding Rat Terrier

Rat terrier, just like any terrier dog breeds, need also to be fed regularly and in the right way. If you own a rat terrier, then these tips on diet and feeding rat terrier will be really helpful for you in raising the breed of your choice.

Your can feed you rat terrier any premium puppy food for about one year of age the maximum. There are many premium puppy food products that are available in the market right now that wont really fail you when it comes to the quality of nutrition and to the enjoyment of your puppy. Since the stomach of your rat terrier is not large enough to digest bigger amounts at a time, the best way in feeding rat terrier is to feed him 3 times a day. When he becomes 7 months old you can feed him twice a day only and eventually feed him just once a day when he reaches 10 or 11 months.

You can switch to adult food for about a week after your puppy becomes a year old. Slowly decrease the amount of puppy food as he grows older and older. But on a different note, you must not give your dog those supermarket types of dog foods for this might not meet the nutritional requirements for your dog. Also do not give your rat terrier some table scraps as this may only disrupt the balance of his diet.

And these are the tips on diet and feeding rat terrier.

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