Facts About Beagle Terrier Mix

Here are some facts about Beagle terrier mix that you may want to know. As we all know there are times when terrier dog breeds are not just pure breeds but they also come as a mix breed. And one of the terrier mix breeds out there is the Beagle terrier mix. They are generally small, about 12-15 inches, and they are really known to be really spunky and playful. And here are some more facts about beagle terrier mix.

As I have stated above, one fact about beagle terrier mix is that they are really playful and eager to learn. And they are flexible, easy to get along with people and other dog breeds – a behavior they get from the beagle. The beagle terrier mix are not really a good breed if you are looking for a guard dog because they do not make suspicions to strangers. However since beagles are hounds in nature, they have a really skilled hunting instincts and they have this great sense of smell. Whenever there is something that intrigues them, they often chase it. So you must be really watchful for they are prone to getting lost.

There are a number of known types of beagle terrier mix and I am going to enumerate some of the best known types of beagle terrier mix. One is the pug beagle terrier mix or known as puggles. Another is the beagle Boston terrier mix – the hybrid of the Beagle and Boston terrier. And third and the final one is the Beagle Mix Rat terrier which is a very versatile dog.


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  1. julie says:

    we have a 5 month old boston terrier/beagle mix is what they told us. he is always biting the ankles,shoes,anything.always biting we cant take it. we love him so much but dont know how to handle it. He has toys to bite,but he is alone not crated so thats our fault is it too late? we dont want to give him away but its always arguments cuz we dont know what to do. So if u could steer us in the right direction. Thank you

    1. tanaya says:

      Aww poor beagel! Okay do you know much about the mother and father? If no look into it because maybe the mother was mixed with a Chihuahua they are ankle biters look into the family of the dog first .. Have you ever thought of obedience classes ? If you cant afford it why don’t you ask the person that gave it to you how did they handle it ? And why is the Beagle acting this way .. Make SURE that it’s a Beagel Terrier mix and maybe give it a pair of shoes that is old . Every time he bites say NO Boy ! and he’ll no that’s wrong do that for a while and when he stops give him a treat. Don’t sell the little guy ..

  2. deisha says:

    How big does a beagle/yorkie mix get because idont want a big dog or a medium sized dog so do they get very big.?

    1. thedogguy says:

      Hi Deisha,

      As with most mixed breeds, you will want to look at the size of the larger breed (in this case the Beagle). The mixed breed should not exceed the size of the larger of the 2 breeds, and in many cases the end result will be a size in between both breeds. To know for sure you can do a little research on your favorite search engine before you decide what to do.

  3. cynthia says:

    how big does a beagle terrier get

    1. thedogguy says:

      Hi Cynthia, Beagle Terriers don’t usually get too big. As a mixed breed, they generally get to be up to 25 lbs in weight.

  4. Bob Baylor says:

    Just wondering when this post was posted? I happened to stumble upon this post and noticed that the picture was my dog!!! He is now 7 years old, I compared moles & colores and it is definitely him. Have no clue how he ended up on this site lol. I will post a picture of him now……

    1. thedogguy says:

      Hi Bob. It sure is a cute dog. This picture was taken from a site that allows free downloads as we make sure we don’t take pics that are copyrighted for legal reasons. Thanks for posting the pic and I am glad we found it for the post!

  5. Martina Borkowski says:

    I’am German. My Englisch not so good, but I live this doogs.

    1. thedogguy says:

      That is OK. Your English is better than my German 🙂 Thank you for visiting the website!

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