Facts About Glen of Imaal Terrier

I bet you have not heard of this name before. But if you have, don’t you find it a bit weird to pronounce? This terrier dog breed is called Glen of Imaal terrier. Here are some facts about the Glen of Imaal terrier.

This terrier dog breed is a terrier descended from Ireland. Back in the day, the Glens are bred to hunt badgers and foxes among other vermin. Even up to now, they still have this instinct and skills with them for they can dig and chase with great enthusiasm. So if you are planning of getting one then you should train him for his hunting skills can become useful.

Even though they are great as hunters, the Glen of Imaal terriers can still be an excellent family for they are really friendly and super protective of his masters as well. They do not bark for no reason at all; they bark if they sense that there is danger coming. This terrier is also very good with children although you need to be cautious if you have other smaller pet like hamsters because they might kill your smaller pet out of instinct.

Should you wish to own a Glen of Imaal terrier then you need to give him lots of exercise as well as mental stimulation. You can provide this by walking him around the neighborhood day by day, obedience training, playing games with him, and also train his agility. It is okay if you want him to become an indoor dog however they need to be sent outside from time to time.

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