Grooming Cairn Terrier Tips

I have been giving great tips here on how to groom specific terrier dog breeds here and now I am giving you tips on how to groom Cairn terriers. These grooming Cairn terrier tips will help you in some ways especially if you have a Cairn yourself or you are planning to get one. And below are the tips.

Cairn terriers can somehow be a bit high maintenance because they have this really high hair growth and if you are not going to groom or trim his hair you will then have a ball of hair for a lovable pet. So it is a must to trim your Cairn terrier’s coat from time to time. In addition you need to check if there are any matted or dead hairs on their coat so you must also trim it off.

Bathing a Cairn terrier is not really a necessary thing. You can give him a bath three to four times a year. Yes, that’s in a year folks. Just do not forget to comb his hair regularly (by regular I mean every week). For best results, you can use a good brush that is able to reach the roots to prevent the coat from matting and to also disentangle any existing matted hair.

Lastly, you need to know what are the areas that you need to focus on when grooming your cairn terrier. And these are the arm pits and the hair that are located near the genital area. These areas are really delicate but you cannot just leave it alone for hygienic purposes.

And these are the basic grooming Cairn terrier tips.

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