Grooming Tips for West Highland Terrier

Fun-loving, sociable, and spunky: these words are the best words that you can use to describe a West Highland terrier. This particular terrier dog breed really loves it when they are around people and they are very much family oritented. That is why you should know how to groom a West Highland terrier – or Westie for a shorter term. Because people might not like it if he looks bad or he smells bad and that would break your Westie’s heart. So starting now, regularly groom your Westie. And with that here are some grooming tips for West Highland terrier that you may want to know about.

Grooming your West Highland terrier must be at least 6 to 10 weeks in between. If you are not really keen of grooming or you simply do not have the time for now, ask a professional groomer. Remember, always ask the groomer if he knows how to groom a Westie, because he may end up looking some breed else. But if you have the time you can groom your Westie yourself. It is preferable that you are going to start grooming him at a young age so that he can get used to grooming a lot of times.

If you know how should a Westie look like, here are some other grooming tips for West Highland terrier: you should clip the back, neck, and side of a Westie really short or you can just strip it off altogether; the tail should have the shape of a carrot when held up; keep the coat located on the Westie’s head not short when clipped, just trim the long hairs on the head between the ears. But all of these will not work if you wont follow a manual so just look for pictures of a West Highland terrier on the Internet so that you will have a better idea or if you are lucky you can find a step by step manual here on the Internet.

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