Food Considerations For Boston Terrier Puppies and Seniors

Boston terriers, just like any other terriers dog breeds, need special nutrition. And they do get their nutrition by way of eating the right foods. But the the question here is how often do you have to feed your dog. When your Boston has reach the adulthood, you can feed him at least twice in a day – that is the standard rule. But how about when your dog is still a puppy? Or how about if your dog is already a senior dog? Would there be any different ways on how much to give your Boston terrier he is either too young or too old? To answer to these questions, here are the food considerations for Boston terrier puppies and seniors.

Boston terrier food consideration for puppies – Boston terriers should follow a different set of nutrition while it is still a puppy. This is because Boston puppies need 25 to 35 percent more protein because of their yet tiny stomachs and topnotch metabolic rates. Usually, when it is still 3 months or less you can feed him up to five times a day. When he progresses to 5 months, give him up to four meals a day. Then when he comes to 6 to 10 months, give him three meals and when he is 10 months give him two meals in a day. You need to adjust his meal if his weight is either increasing or decreasing as well.

And time comes when your Boston terrier dog breed becomes a senior. And by that time, you need to understand that there are different canine nutrition needs because of the health problems and age-related issues that will come. There are two possibilities: either your Boston terrier may gain weight and may lose weight as they grow old. And whichever way, you just need to adjust his eating frequencies. And these are the food consideration for Boston terrier puppies and seniors.


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  1. BOHBOE88 says:

    Hi, I just bought my Boston Bull Terrier puppy 3 weeks ago, He’s now 7 weeks old and I want to have the best for him. An example, I want to stud him up:) like I want to get him into shape. I wana tone up my Terrier the way theyre supposed to be. Im planning to get him set up for weight pulling competitions and I know they have to be BULKED-UP enable to stay in place. I dont wana put him on steroids because I know thats illigal. I have him on Blue Buffalo (puppy) food and was wondering if there was some type of herculies food out there. I just wana know know some tips or advise on certain brand food names/ type(s) of food(s). I want my Terrier BUFF!!!

    1. thedogguy says:

      Well, you’re right in that you don’t want to use steroids. They are bad for humans so they can’t be any good for dogs either. If you want to give him the perfect diet and you have the funds to do so; give him a full real meat diet. You can mix in some safe veggies like carrots, peas and potatoes if you like. Avoid giving him grains like corn and wheat. If you are going to have him do weight related exercise you need to be cautious and not work him too hard. Start out small and work your way up. You don’t want to wind up injuring your dog. If you are going to go with store bought dog foods, the best advise is to find the ones that have the most meat and the least ingredients possible. You will have to most likely look in a pet store for this and not the grocery store.

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