Grooming Wheaten Terrier Dog Breed

Here’s a very interesting fact; wheaten terriers are named as such because of the color of their coat (similar to wheat). Now this particular terrier dog breed loves to always have fun and can adapt to different situations and environment. This terrier dog breed needs early socialization practice although they are normally easy to hang around with strangers. When you want to own a wheaten terrier, here are some tips on what are the proper care and grooming of Wheaten terrier.

Wheaten terriers need a lot of perpetual dog grooming because they usually have long thick coat. So if you are not going to let your Wheaten participate on a shoe, you can just purchase a couple of clips (comfort clip) to keep his good look intact. Plus with clips, it will be easy for the coat to care for. The regular frequency of trimming your Wheaten terriers coat is every two to three months for it easily grows fast. Because if you don’t then he will look like a real mess.

In addition you should also make sure that your dog groomer is familiar with the Wheaten terrier dog breed, if you want your dog to be groomed by one. This is because Wheaten are a unique and not-so popular dog breed and if your dog groomer does not know the breed that much, he will end up looking like a poodle.

Last but not the least of the tips in grooming wheaten terrier is that when clipping his nails, you should always check the nails regularly. Also, wipe his ear clean regularly using a soft cloth to get rid of the dirt that has accumulated in time.

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