Neurological Diseases Of A Jack Russell Terrier

It may not be as often but there is a big possibility that neurological diseases can affect our dog’s lives. And if you have a Jack Russell terrier, then he is not exempted. You might see this terrier dog breed as a very playful, healthy, enthusiastic, and energetic dog, but you also need to know that they can also get infected with a number of neurological diseases. That is why you should know these different diseases before it gets to your dog. These are the different neurological diseases of a Jack Russell terrier.

Epilepsy – This is a very rare disease and most people think that only human beings can suffer from this disease but by now you should know that this is one of the neurological diseases of a Jack Russel terrier. Epilepsy, as we all know, is defined as a frequent uncontrollable seizures. Sadly this is an inherited disorder and vet can determine seizures and its causes by ways of tests like blood count and urinalysis.

Cerebellar Ataxia – Simply known as Ataxia, this is the kind of disorder of the muscle or a limb that as a result gives balance problems to the dog. Because of this, the dog will not be able to walk properly, causing him a lot of activities that he cannot do. Worse case scenario is that he will not be able to walk and stand at all.

These are just two of the different neurological diseases of a Jack Russell terrier. When you suspect that your dog might be having problems similar to the one described above, please ask for your vet’s help.


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  1. Brent Gall says:

    Could you please help us we have jack russell fox terrier riley is a 2 year old and for the last few months he has started to pee in side marking his spot how can we stop him from doing this i am running out of things to try im up all hours of the night to take him out to the toylet but by the morning he has gone in one of his marked spot he has a great home life he and his brother murphy a boarder collie cross go for walks at lest twice a day and go to the beach two or three times a week and spends a lot of time playing he is a great wee man and a lot of fun to have around.
    he gets the best of dog food no rubbish i wont eat rubbish so i wont feed them any crap food,
    can you please help in working out what i can do to stop him from peeing in side,
    thank you,
    Brent Gall dunedin n.z

    1. thedogguy says:

      Hi Brent,

      There are a few things to look at.

      1. Is he neutered? Dogs that are not neutered will have a tendency to mark more.

      2. Do you have him on a set bathroom schedule? If the dog lives indoors than it is always best to get them on a potty schedule just as you do an eating schedule. Our dog eats in the morning and in the evening. We take him potty (outside) just after both meals. Sometimes we take him out once more before bed. We trained him to abide by this schedule and it works great. Otherwise, you run yourself ragged taking him out all hours a day and night.

      3. If you can catch your dog “in the act” it is best. If you can catch him peeing inside it is best to use a stern voice (not yelling) and scold him. For our dog we used to use something as simple as “HEEEYYY!!!” in a stern voice and he knew we were upset with him. A sharp Uh-Uh! works well too. Then take him outside immediately following this. He should get the picture that it is a bad idea to pee indoors.

      4. You need to clean the area he marks well enough that there is absolutely no pee scent left. There are some good newer products on the market that work well. If there is any pee scent present it triggers an “oh, I had better pee here” response.

      Hope that helps 🙂

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