Information On The Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Whenever you hear the word ‘bull’, what goes into your mind? Probably you will think of the word as strong, really capable, tough and well built. And when we say bull dog, it means a very tough dog with a very strong personality. But how about pit bull terrier? Is it a terrier dog breed mix that also has the capabilities and strength of a bull or a bull dog? To answer the question, here are some information on the Pit Bull terrier mix.

The Pit Bull terrier mix is not really a pure terrier dog breed actually. It is a mix of a bulldog and a terrier. But even so, it is being recognized as one of the most enduring and strong dog breeds ever. The Pit Bull terrier dogs are really staunch and they are capable of doing a lot of things. Because of this, they are popular to a lot of people all over the world, including celebrities such as Theodore Roosevelt, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Michael J Fox, Jamie Foxx, and Helen Keller to name a few. And get this: only the Pit Bull terrier mix is the only dog breed that has appeared on the cover of the Life Magazine more than twice!

If you are rooting to adopt or own one, here are some information on the Pit Bull terrier mix regarding on their behavior. Contrary to what most people would say about pit bulls, they are highly friendly, sociable, and emotional. And apart form them being a friendly dog, they can sense menace and they can protect their family and masters right then and there. Another thing is that you also need to regularly groom him: Pit Bull terriers are not recommended to those who are not yet familiar with raising a dog.

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  1. Thomas says:

    very funny, u use a picture of my pit bull juna^^ i think you found her in a facebook-group of pit bulls…. what ever. my dog is famous now haha greetzz from germany 🙂

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