Facts About Sealyham Terriers

If you are looking for a low to the ground dog but somehow strong, then you are actually looking for a Sealyham terrier. This terrier dog breed has a body proportion that is long and broad. This very uncommon terrier dog breed can really be loyal and affectionate, but you need to know some facts about Sealyham terriers before you go and get yourself one.

As I have already said prior, Sealyham terriers are not hard to be loved. You will find them really independent and spirited and at the same time they are really loving and affectionate. They are even described as the most wonderful mix of courage and cheerfulness. Compared to some other terrier dog breeds, Sealyhams are not as rowdy. They can be really shy and naive when it comes to meeting with strangers and they can also be good and playful with other pets. Make sure to give him some time socialize with other people or other pets and also you should always be seen as the pack leader whenever he is around.

Why do I say so? It is because Sealyhams can acquire behavioral problems if you do not really portray the role as a pack leader. Sealyhams can really be sweet but only if you will let him know where he can place himself. If you are going to be linient, the trouble is that he can develop Small Dog Syndrome – this syndrome allows the dog to believe that he is a pack leader to humans. When he develops this, he is more likely to develop separation anxiety, obsessive barking, and dog-aggression. He will also become stubborn and they will make their own rules in the house. So practice your human to dog communication skills so he wont abuse your goodness as a master and put these facts about Sealyham terriers to mind if you are going to own one.

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