How to Groom a Cairn Terrier

One of the terrier dog breeds that really needs proper grooming is the Cairn terrier. You may wonder now why. Well, for one, Cairn terriers are known to have really fast hair growth rate. And with this fact alone, you should know how to groom a Cairn terrier so that they will always look great in any given day or place. These are some of the ways on how to groom your Cairn terrier.

One of the things that terrier owners would love to advise when it comes to how to groom a Cairn terrier is to do hand stripping. This is the way of pulling out some dead hair out of your pooch’s skin. Do not fret since this is not really a very inhumane thing to do as this does not really hurt your dog especially when you are pulling out a dead hair. But always remember when you are going to do hand stripping you must do it really carefully.

Bathing your Cairn terrier at least 3 times to 4 times a year is already good enough. But you must brush and comb his coat regularly – at least once a week will do. And don’t just use any brush; you must utilize a very good and specially designed brush that is able to reach to the roots of the hair and is capable of disentangling matted hair.

When you are about to groom a Cairn terrier, always remember the parts of his body where special attention is needed much. These areas are the armpits and the hair around the genital area. When you are trimming the hair on this area you really need to be careful as these are the areas that are prone to infection.

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