Things You Need to Know About Wheaten Terriers

Another addition to the terrier dog breed family is the Wheaten terrier. This is, personally, one of the friendliest terriers around. Wheaten terriers are known to be very plucky in nature, and they are really loved for being fun-loving and being a good house companion, regardless of showing some aggression towards other dogs at times. Here are some other facts and things you need to know about Wheaten terriers.

When it comes to its appearance, Wheaten terriers are medium in size and they are rather square in frame when you view them from the side. It can grow up to 18 or 19 inches tall and can weigh as much as 35 to 40 pounds. One of the things you need to know about Wheaten terriers is that how it brilliantly got its name. Their name came from their most distinguishable feature – wavy and soft single-coat that has the color of the wheat. When it is still a pup, the shade of their coat is reddish gold in color, but then it will lighten up as soon as the coat matures.

Another thing about Wheaten terriers is that it can never be good as a guardian dog. Since they are notoriously known for being a really friendly terrier dog breed, they will always be friendly to strangers. They will give everyone who goes into your place the “Wheaten Greeting”, even though they will bark to alert you to company, whether expected or not.

Terrier dog breeds are known to be a little bit obnoxious to kids but the Wheaten terriers are an exemption. They are friendly with little kids as well as pets of the same size, just as long as they are properly introduced.

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