Information on Chihuahua Terrier Mix

A Chihuahua Terrier mix may not be a pure terrier dog breed but don’t underestimate them. After all it is still a dog. And what a lovely combination of breeds it is. Chihuahuas, a native dog of Mexico, are known to be very small and graceful and lively. The terriers, however, are of the Great Britain and Ireland origin and are known to be very hardy and tough. Combine them together and you will get a good guardian dog and at the same time a loving dog good for companionship. Here are some information on the Chihuahua Terrier Mix.

The Chihuahua terrier mix dogs are very alert and inquisitive. They will patrol anything that they seemed strange, even just a very slight sound. They can communicate easily with other dogs their size but they are rather indifferent with mainly larger dogs, partly because they have a hard time communicating with large dogs due to their size. In general, you will observe that they will get a temperament of a chihuahua and they also get other distinct behavior of a terrier.

When you are getting a chihuahua terrier mix puppy, expect that he is going to be a very lively one. But always take good care of a chihuahua terrier mix puppy. Why is that so? They do not have only fragile bones, but they also have this skeletal condition called molera, an open gap located at the top of their skull. It will close by the time the chihuahua terrier mix becomes an adult but still you need to take good care of the puppy while he is still young. Apart from that, also let the small kids stay away from them. This is so because they are afraid with the kids’ hyperactive behavior.


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  1. jacob says:

    what is the best food for a chihuahua/terrier tiny mix we feed her soft foods that are like bite size peices

    1. thedogguy says:

      Hi Jacob, ideally the best thing to feed your dog is pure protein. That could include chicken, beef, lamb, etc.. Fish is alright as well, but be extra careful to make sure that all bones are removed. Also, the oil in fish might give your dog diarrhea if they consume too much at once, or are not used to it. The only thing in giving your dog real meat every day is that it can get expensive. So if you are going to get food from the pet store get the stuff that has the most meat in it with the least amount of filler content, especially grains. Some veggies are also ok for dogs such as carrots and so forth. Keep the diet simple and healthy and your dog will stay healthier in the long run.

  2. Kassie says:

    My dog is a chihuahua/terrier mix and me and my boyfriend feed her Pedeigree is that ok for our dog? Also if we get another dog what do we have to watch out for and be careful about? Thanks.

    1. thedogguy says:

      Hi Kassie,

      Always read the label on whatever food you buy your dog. Since all dogs are carnivores, any food that has more grains or anything else other than meat is a bad idea. Some veggies and fruits are alright though. Some apples, peas, carrots and things like that are alright for dogs to eat. So again, read the label and make sure that it isn’t loaded with a lot of grains and other junk. Feeding your dog a healthy diet will also help to ward off diseases that are common to older dogs and keep them healthier in the long run.

  3. mighty bean says:

    how much do these cost??

    1. thedogguy says:

      It varies from breeder to breeder. Always make sure that you find a reputable breeder first and foremost (you don’t want a puppy mill).

      Second, do some asking around and try to find a few reputable breeders to compare from. The prices will usually be pretty close, but you might be able to talk down the price a little if you are genuinely interested when you visit (especially if you find a puppy you really want). Prices will vary also since the type of Terrier mix can be different. Though you should find most within the $350-$600 range.

  4. michelle says:

    im getting one for christmas. i have three young kids. do u think it’ll be okay with them?

    1. thedogguy says:

      Hi Michelle, sorry for the long delayed response. I have been on vacation. Anyhow, that is a pretty hyper and small dog. It might be best to get a little larger dog or wait until the children are a little older. Thanks for reading the blog!

  5. Julie says:

    My son came to live with me and he has a chihuahua/terrior mix. its about 3 yrs old. He constantly carries it around, and its very unsociable. He has been living with me over a year and it has slowl become accustomed to me, I can let her outside and she will come back, she will let me pick her up (she didnt’ before) but there are times if I try to pick her up from his bed she will growl at me. She constantly barks at my other son who lives in the house also. He just tells her to shut up and locks her in the bedroom. What is the correct way to handle this? Should we use the spray and say “quiet” she also shakes really bad when strangers come over (and barks at them as well). I have suggested Behavior training, but he doesn’t take advice well. Any suggestions would help. Thanks

    1. thedogguy says:

      Hi Julie. First, thanks for visiting the blog. Dealing with stubborn relatives can be difficult. You are right to suggest behavioral training. When you have 2 different methods of dealing with bad dog behavior it never accomplishes anything because the dog keeps getting mixed signals. In your case a son that deals harshly, and you who is trying to use a more refined method. I would suggest that you start with proper socialization techniques. This involves interactions with other people and you should start slowly. One possibility is to have 1 friend over and sit down with her/him on the floor and give yourself and her/him some small treats. You start by giving the dog 1 small treat and then have your friend try to give the dog one (probably by setting the treat on the floor next to them and see if the dog comes near to get it. Food is a powerful motivator. You can also pick up the dog and pet it while encouraging your friend to pet the dog while it is in your lap/arms.

      Baby steps and some patience can go a long way. You will have to do the same kind of steps with your son if he will indeed cooperate. If he won’t cooperate then their will always be trouble in the home with the dog. If you can make progress on the baby steps then the next step would be having the son take the dog for small walks.

      One thing that happens with some owners is they over protect the dog and do things like pick them up every time someone comes near and that only breeds fear into the dog. It will take a cooperative family effort to maintain peace in your home, but it IS possible to achieve. Remember that in most cases the owners are the ones that need almost as much training as the dog to keep harmony because they send bad signals to the dog.

  6. Alicia says:

    Hi dogguy!

    Very nice blog. Now that I know more about my puppy zoey, I can properly take better care of her. She’s my 6 month old terrior/chihuahua. I was wondering dogguy, if she’s going to get any bigger than she is now. She’s 4.15 lbs she’s very little. I feed her puppy chow twice a day. Morning and night and small treats in between. I just hope I’m not under- feeding her or is her size normal? Also I have to say she’s a very smart pup, but when I take her to the dog park, she will not play with the other dogs, she just sniffs and comes right back to me. does her size have anything to do with it? Maybe she’s nervous? Any advice on how I can get her to socialize with other dogs?

    1. thedogguy says:

      Hi Alicia. Thanks for visiting the blog. Yes, many people don’t know that Chihuahuas are very smart and can become very well trained dogs. As far as how big she will get it really depends on what kind of terrier breed she is from. Most terriers fall in between the 10-20 lb range. So I would guess that at her full grown state she won’t get much bigger than 10 lbs but you might be surprised. Due to the Chihuahua side though it is very likely she won’t get too much larger.

      It is natural for a dog to be nervous around other dogs especially if they are bigger. You can lessen or brake this usually by socializing her gradually and you should do that. Otherwise she could remain fearful for a long time. Start with 1 dog if you have a neighbor especially if they have a smaller dog and go from there. If you are too “clingy” to her than she will sense your fear and be fearful as well so encourage her in small steps.

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