Two Indoor Activities for Dogs

There are a lot of types of dog breeds that get bored easily when they are inside the confines of your home. And terrier dog breeds are no exception. They are, perhaps, the dog breed group who will get really rowdy when they are inside the home all the time – without any new environment to explore and without any spacious lawn or park to run about. This is going to be a problem for you, especially during the winter time when you have no choice but to be inside the house if there is a strong snow storm going on. But not to fret – here are the two different indoor activities for dogs that you can play together so that boredom will be diminished right away.

Hide the Toy – If your dogs know how to retrieve things, then this is a very great indoor activities for you and your dog to play. First show your dog a toy, for example a squeaker. Then immediately hide it somewhere – perhaps under the rug or under the bed may be a good place. Your dog needs to locate the toy. If your dog has a hard time finding it, then you can squeak it in exactly where you placed it so that it would give him a clue.

Hide and Seek – Pretty much similar to hide the toy hut it is going to be you who’s going to hide! Leave your dog in one room and hide on another room. Call your dog when you are hidden well enough so that your dog may find you. It is going to be a fun activity; however be reminded it’s going to be really noisy.

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