Rat Terrier Health Issues

There are so many issues that you will encounter when you own a dog. It is not just about the behavior issues or even the hygiene issues, but the health issues can also be a big problem that your dog may encounter. There will always be health problems with any dog breed types, may be it medically or genetically. Some health issues can be fatal and some can be cured easily.

One terrier dog breed that does not succumb to a lot of health problems is the rat terrier. Rat terriers, at this point, can consider themselves as very lucky for they are the healthiest terrier dog breed and they do not easily get sick. Why is this so? Because it is a known fact that rat terriers have just been recently accepted into most registries as a terrier dog breed. Meaning, it does not have any inbred and linebreed to an unhealthy state. However they are not the most perfect breed as well, for there are some few common health problems that they can possibly get. Here are the typical rat terrier health issues.

Deafness โ€“ This may have been caused by genetic predisposition. And this can be really common with dogs that has large areas of white coat.

Luxating Patellas โ€“ This is the type of health issue where their kneecaps can have the possibility of slipping as seen in many breeds of dogs that are smaller in sizes. This can also be genetic or caused by joints developing abnormally while the fetus is forming.

Alopecia โ€“ A rat terrier health issue that has something to do with some bloodlines of Blue and Fawn Rat terriers. Alopecia is a skin disorder that shows patches of thin or no hair that can be spread around the body.

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