Inguinal Hernia on Terriers

Terrier dog breeds are not exempted when it comes to many illnesses and disorders. And it includes Inguinal Hernia. So what really is Inguinal Hernia and what does it do? Here are some facts on Inguinal Hernia on terriers

When an organ or parts of an organ protrudes, then it is already a very possible case of Inguinal Hernia. Most of the time it happens on the fat or tissue through the inguinal ring like in the part of the groin where in the back legs meet the abdominal musculature. Inguinal hernia on terriers can either be unilateral or bilateral.

Female terriers are more likely to have inguinal hernia than the male counterparts. The terrier dog breed that is most highly possible to develop such disorders is the West Highland terriers but it is also possible that Basset Hounds, Cairn terriers, and Pekingese will have it too.

Inguinal hernias on terriers are caused by genetics and congenital reasons (present at birth). At times it can also be caused by trauma. Old age and over stretching of the abdominal area especially during pregnancy can also cause the said muscular disorder. As for the male terriers, they will at times have scrotal hernia.

Symptoms include bulges underneath the skin in the groin area. The range of symptoms vary: sometimes it does not show any symptoms at all for it can be reducible (it can be pushed to back to its normal placement). It is said to be incarcerated when the bulge cannot be pushed back anymore. When this happens, symptoms like sever pain, fever, appetite loss and lethargy. There are two ways to treat inguinal hernias: first your dog does not have to go on any treatment for it usually disappears. But when surgery is needed, the herniated structures will be put back to its correct place and the abnormal part is sutured shut.

Inguinal hernia on terriers might be corrected easily, but can be fatal when left alone. When you find something that looks like hernia already, ask your local vet.

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