How to Make your Dog Sociable

When you have a dog that can easily immerse with people and other dogs, you will feel really good. Not only you will feel good because your dog did not attack, bark, or cause some trouble with other people and animals, but because it feels good knowing that, as an owner, you raised your dog quite well. Although some popular dog breeds are naturally comfortable with getting around with people, a large number of them are not. So if you want your dog to become more friendly (this holds true especially if you own one of the terrier dog breeds), here are some ways on how to make your dog sociable.

The fastest and the most effective way of making your dog very comfortable with people and other dogs around is to take him to obedience class. Register yourself to an obedience class when he is already 4 months old at least and he has taken and completed all the puppy shots. The class will teach your dog how to be obedient and how to follow to every necessary command that he needs in order for him to behave when around with people.

Join local dog clubs. This is a good move for you and your dog. For sure there are local kennel clubs around your area or if it is feasible, you can also make your own club; gather all your friends and acquaintances who shares the same interest with dogs. This way, your dog can already be sociable with other dogs and people, and you would be getting a lot of help and techniques from other people and the other way around.

Take your dog everywhere possible and do some fun activities together as much as you can. Always let him feel he will
always be comfortable whenever you are around. Take him to the park or the beachfront where he can see lots of peoples and other dogs of all types of popular dog breeds. In this manner, you are helping him to be a very open and experienced dog when it comes to seeing a lot of things. As much as possible start them young. You know what they say about old dogs and  new tricks? There are times that this is really true. So let them meet a lot of people by letting your friends and visit you and let your dog, err puppy get used to them. That way, he will grow up and become a very sociable dog.

These are just some of the ways on how to make your dog sociable. You should make your dog really friendly and comfortable having people around him, especially if your dog is a terrier. Terrier dog breeds are really known to be non-friendly, independent, and somewhat violent to people, animals, and other dogs. So if you own one, make your dog sociable so that you could have a peaceful house and a sound mind.

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