Facts You Should Know About Jack Russell Terriers

There are so many kinds of terriers to choose from, if you are going to get your own dog. And one of them is the Jack Russel Terrier. You might find Jack Russells cute, but do not be fooled. Jack Russells might be small dogs but they are fully packed with bursting energy and aggressiveness. So before getting your hands to one of them, here are some important facts that you should know about Jack Russel Terriers.

One of the most interesting facts about Jack Russell Terriers is that these are big dogs trapped in a very small body. Back in the early days, they are trained to be hunting dogs. Their aggressiveness and size makes it an advantage for them to hunt small preys such as moles and rats and they are very able to dig deep down underground. So if you have cats and/or other smaller pets, you might find it difficult to live with one because they [smaller animals] will be their main target all the time. In fact, they often challenge dogs three times their size!

Another thing you should know is that they are very possessive dogs. They will be friendly only to the people that own them as they consider them to be their properties, so you should train them with firm discipline while it is still young. They are also very active and aggressive so they are preferred to be sheltered on a countryside home with very secured fences where they can roam around. They are not recommended for you to have when you live in a condo or an apartment for apart from they will become destructive of the property, they also bark profusely.

Lastly, if you are a type of person that does not want to have a shedding dog for a pet, then here’s one of the facts that you should know about Jack Russell Terriers: they shed! A lot! Jack Russells with smoother coats are the ones who are going to shed a lot, mostly a couple of times a year.


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  1. brianna says:

    I have a jack russel it look just like that but its a little more smaller doe and I named mines lovely she a good dog but she dont look like that she way cute than that and shes a girl though so dws

    1. thedogguy says:

      Hi Brianna, it sounds like you got a good dog there. They are high energy but a lot of fun.

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