Consider a Pitbull for an Excellent Companion

Yes, you read the title correctly. Of all the dog breeds out there, few have the bad reputation that these do. Everyone has heard reports of incidents regarding these dogs, but there is plenty of misinformation out there as well. First of all, these dogs when raised in a loving environment almost always wind up being a wonderful companion. When people take them and try training them to fight other dogs, or they are abused, they just like any other dog winds up with behavior issues. Thus, they are the most wrongly maligned of the Terrier breeds.

Love Me…

For the unfortunate stories you hear out there of incidents regarding these dogs, there are way more positive stories. Pit bulls happen to be extremely fond of children by nature. They are fun loving and very gentle. What intimidates a lot of people is their stocky build. Yes, they are strong and muscular, but that doesn’t mean violent. There seems to be a bad apple in every bunch, but for the most part, unless there is a history of abuse, most of these dogs grow up to be great companions. Their character is usually defined with terms such as affectionate, friendly, courageous, clownish and so forth. Terms like violent and deadly are not in the description list of most sites I have ever visited. Therefore it is unfortunate to see so many of these in your shelters as people often times avoid them. So if you are looking for a medium/large dog, you could do far worse.

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