Introducing the Australian Terrier

Among all of the terrier breeds, the Australian terrier is not quite as well known as say a Yorkshire, Airedale or Russell terrier. However, they are very lovely little dogs and have quite a few great traits that make them wonderful companions. Australian terrier

They generally get along well with kids and with a little training with other dogs as well. Their personality is mostly upbeat and energetic. They are quite smart too. When trained properly, they adapt to most any environment and learn pretty fast. They usually don’t get much over 16-18 lbs in size, unless you over-feed them.

They have a mostly a blue and tan or reddish colored coat that is kind of rough to the touch. Another positive attribute is that they are not excessive barkers, although they do bark for most other standard things most dogs bark at. This includes people knocking at the door, wanting to play and things like that. You can expect a life expectancy of upwards of 12 to 15 years or so.

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