Dealing With Yorkie Behavioral Traits

Picking the right canine companion can be a difficult choice. It you are looking for a small one, then a Yorkshire Terrier might work out well for you. They are the most popular of the toy breeds in the US. Cute Yorkie

Before you get one though, there are some things that you need to consider. It is crucial to properly correct a few negative personality traits that this lovely little dog usually has. With a little work, it can usually be done in a month or 2 if you are consistent. Then you get to enjoy the benefits for the rest of their lives.

1. They have a tendency to be yappy (sometimes very yappy).

It is crucial to train them when they are still puppies when it is and is not appropriate to bark. Since they are often leery towards strangers, it is important to socialize them and have them meet your neighbors. After a while, it will start to recognize them and not bark at them as much.

2. Socialization

This word was mentioned in the above paragraph, but let’s define it a little further. You need to have your dog meet and greet other people and ALSO other dogs, especially ones around their size. Take them to the local puppy park. Find friendly neighbors on your block that have small dogs, etc.. and have them interact. It is helpful to eliminate much of the stand-off behavior.

3. No Fear

Yorkies are naturally very sensitive and pick up well on the feelings of their owners. That is why it is a bad idea to be over protective of them. Hence, as was mentioned above, properly socialize them.

If you take some time and work at these 3 common issues, then you will have a much happier little dog for the long run. You will also have less annoyed neighbors as well.

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