Winter Care And Your Dog

During the cold months of winter you need to be prepared for contingencies. For people that live in southern California, Arizona, or other warm year round climates, freezing temperatures and potential snowfall are not usually an issue. If you make up the majority of people however, it is always wise to be as prepared as possible for inclement weather. Here are some things you can do in preparation to keep you and your dog(s) safe in cold weather.dog in cold weather

Proper Equipment

If you live in a place that usually gets snow then you need to have snow removal equipment. Some states that expect snowfall every year have teams of snow plow drivers and that is good for the roads, but what about around your home? At the very least get a sturdy show shovel to clear away snow from your walkways and a patch of grass so your dog can go potty without having to walk through the snow. If you can afford it, a good snow blower makes quick work of accumulation. One thing you want to avoid is an icy path that is slippery for you and for your dog, so clear the snow as best you can so it doesn’t melt into slick ice if the sun comes out.

Dog Clothes

Dogs can usually handle cold weather better than people, especially if they are a long haired dog. That does not mean that they are impervious to the cold though. Getting a dog sweater or coat can help keep them warm when you take them out for a walk. In very cold weather a pair of dog boots can protect their feet.

Extra Food and Water

Having some extra dog food on hand is never a bad idea. If the weather gets bad enough that you can’t leave your home for a few days then you will be glad that you stocked up.

One more thing. If you keep your dog outdoors, make sure that you have a way to heat their dog house if the weather gets cold. There are not too many dogs that can handle the cold like Huskies can. Evan then, it is wise to have a heat source for those dogs in case you have a severe cold spell.

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