Hot Humid Weather And Your Dog

This time of year can be strenuous for people that have to deal with hot and humid weather. The same is no different for your dog. When the weather is pushing temperatures past 80 degrees and in some places 100+, staying cool is very important.wet dog

Yes it is true that dogs have a different way to cooling off then people but some fundamental similarities remain. Yes, dogs pant to stay cool because their skin doesn’t sweat like ours. Because they are warm blooded like us, the same things we do to cool off will work for your dog.


Just like us your dog needs plenty of water to stay hydrated. The only caveat though is you don’t want to give your dog ice cold water as it can cause severe cramps or worse. Cool water is fine though and they need plenty of it just like we do.

Cooling Off

The same way that we enjoy cooling off on a hot day your dog can benefit from too. Find a nice lake, or even your own swimming pool and bring the dog along. Dogs are inherent swimmers and the cool water is a great relief from the hot sun.

Just remember that when the temperature soars to make sure that your dog stays as comfortable as possible. If they overheat the consequences can be dire.

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